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Tim's Page

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Mamba Evader RAWR

Bolink Digger.. with a modern update
Mamba Max 5700 and Jeti Advance Car Sport ESC

First runs with the Clod.. had steering issues.. all sorted out now

The New Clod on some Dirtpiles

My Awesome New Lights from MAXXLIGHTS.COM!!

My Video of 2 of my MANY "too many the wife says" RC's

My Brushless upgrade in action... only 1/2 -3/4 throttle runs

And my new favorite toy atm .."and my sons"
The Venom Mini Giant.. its absolutely indestructable i think lol

Death of a Mammoth....

Note chassis was bent prior to this and had been straightened

Me Messin around with my wheelie king


Aarons new Evader Bx converted ST "almost finished" with a 10T Orion Pro Formula BB Motor and LRP AI ESC